Chaplain Grimaldus

Reclusiarch 777 looks to Chaplain Grimaldus as a prime example of how all Chaplains should be.

"I have ignited the fires of thousands of heretics. I have killed daemons and other foul beings of the Warp and laughed at their feeble attempts to kill me. They have all tried to get me to bow down before their pathetic Chaos Gods and each and every time, I looked their Gods in the eye and said, 'I will never serve you. I will continue to destroy your champions as though they were nothing but dust.' I do this because one day, they will pay for their heresy. They will burn for thinking they could defy the Emperor."

Reclusiarch 777 of the Sons of Dorn is easily one of the most faithful Astartes in the entire chapter. His faith in the Emperor and the Imperium is undying. He believes that if the Emperor does die, He will return as a true god and lead humanity to the death of all the Chaos Gods. He has served the Imperium faithfully and violently. His hatred for anything having to do with Chaos and its foul powers is completely and utterly absolute. He sees heretics as weaklings that are good for nothing but being target practice. He can be heard roaring into battle, "Chaos is weakness! You will all be burned for your heresy!" Among his many feats as a Reclusiarch is the fact that he has not once been defeated in one on one battle. Just about everyone who's faced him, including the Chapter Master, will tell you of his extraordinary skill at melee combat. His Power Sword has slayed thousands of heretics, daemons, and orks alike. His skill and resolute faith in the Imperium was forged in the Reclusiam. He has honed his craft to a point as fine as the tip of his Power Sword. He wears Master Crafted and Relic power armour, Master Crafted to show what the Adeptus Mechanicus can do, Relic power armour to remember to a time when he never had to kill his fellow brothers. He is considered by many to be more faithful to the Imperium than even some Inquisitors.

Quotes of Reclusiarch 777Edit

"The weak will burn. Their souls and skill wasted. Their zeal and honour stripped from them. They alone have reduced themselves to nothing."

"My armour is as black as the hatred the Forces of Chaos hold for me, for they know they cannot truly kill faith."